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Synergy Village is a co-housing environment providing programs for motivated individuals who have experienced personal setbacks, but now seek support in their journey to greater independence and community engagement.

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“I recently left my husband and me and my daughter were actually staying in a hotel.”

Staci — Synergy Village Resident

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Mile High Ministries

“Isolation is what Synergy Village is addressing. Not just housing affordability, but creating communities so that people are not alone.”

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Neighbor Mentor — Synergy Village

“This was our ‘later in life’ call from the Lord to serve and to come alongside neighbors to support and encourage them in their goals to greater independence.”

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Bridge of Hope

“Just that network of support that they find at Synergy Village — those advocates cheering them on as they are working to become self-sufficient.”

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Resident — Synergy Village

“Because I have a home at Synergy Village, I have a place to put my sister’s picture.”

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Our Partners

Synergy Village is part of a broad network of local partners who refer residents to live in our community. In most cases, we are the next phase or extension of support for individuals who have completed programs and received services from our partners, and who are now taking the next step closer to independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Programs

Along with working in cooperation with our partners, our Synergy Village program uses the combined effect of a community’s relationships and activities to influence and produce a greater outcome in the lives of our residents. Here, more is better, and isolation isn’t given a foothold.


Residents commit to being present and active in Synergy Village through dinners, visiting neighbors and regular community gatherings.


Every household contributes to the care and maintenance of shared community spaces, and everyone is encouraged to exercise their gifts and talents to generate personal income.


Throughout the year, heads of households come together to pray and plan initiatives for the upcoming year and attend training workshops for personal growth.


We subscribe to a standard of living guided by biblical principles, sobriety, guidelines for guests, curfews and observing the Sabbath.

Synergy Village
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Synergy Village is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless.